Water Problems

Treating Hard Water to Reduce Staining, Scale and Odor Problems

Bishop Plumbing 24/7Is Hard Water a Problem?

HardwaterThere are several indicators around your home that can point to hard water issues.
Are you experiencing any of the following:
– White film on your dishes, dishwasher or shower areas?
– Staining on water appliances?
– Corrosion of your plumbing pipes?
– Staining and deterioration of laundry?

Hard water reduces the efficiency of water heaters, boilers and water based appliances like dishwashers and washing machines due to scaling that develops causing the units to work harder.

The bottom line is that hard water drains our energy and natural resources.

Bishop Plumbing 24/7Hard Water Scale & Removal of Problem Elements

Scale is one of the most serious problems caused by hard mineral deposits.
We have already talked about the destructive nature of scale, but heating hard water causes scale to form even faster. This is due to:

(1) the breakdown of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates;
(2) their reversion to the highly insoluble carbonate forms;
(3) their precipitation from the water; and
(4) their concentration on the interior surfaces of the water heater, boilers, and appliances.

Besides removing hardness from water, water treatment systems perform other important duties. There is the pH (potential of Hydrogen). The pH value is used to indicate acidity or alkalinity in water. Both are corrosive and need to be treated. Our systems can also remove harmful gases such as sulfur, which is a colorless gas that gives off an offensive “rotten egg odor”. The Watermax can also remove chlorine thus improving taste and odor.

We have given you the effects of hard water, and how important it is to treat hard water to save both energy and natural resources. Now to choose a water treatment system.